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What is a Project Template and how can a user create one?

Last Updated: Dec 30, 2014 01:29PM EST
Project Templates help automate repeated projects including frequent tasks and milestones, which makes project setup and launch much quicker.

Log in to inMotion which opens into the Projects Workspace. A project contains all of the project's assets and captures the plan and details as it progresses. The details include tasks, deadlines, and team members assigned to a project.

Take time to ask a few questions:
  • What are the types of projects your team completes on a regular basis?
  • What are the common tasks? How long does each task usually take?
  • Which team members regularly work on each type of project?


Try to think in more universal/general terms when creating project templates as inMotion templates are flexible and editable the entire way through the project.

Hover over the Templates tab and click Project Templates. This takes you to the Project Template Builder/Editor. There are three ways to create a new Project Template:
  • Create from Blank: opens a blank template. You'll need to add all project details, tasks and milestones, and team members.
  • Create from Existing Project: if you set up a project and realize you use it frequently, make it a template. You can edit as necessary, give it a name, and Save Template.
  • Create from Existing Template: you can edit if necessary, give it a name, and Save Template.


Let's create a template from blank.

Step 1: Create a New Project Template

Name the template and the project. It might be a good idea to use the project name field to suggest naming convention for your project for ease of use. There are optional fields including description and due period, which is the number of days it normally takes to complete the project. Try to think about projects and task duration instead of hard dates for templates, and save the hard dates for the projects themselves - when using the template, the project will automatically calculate the due date based on the date of creation and the due period. Any information entered here can be changed at project creation or you can skip it altogether if you want to save it for the project creation itself. Select a Project Group if your iMN admin has set them up, then click Create.

Step 2: Assign Team Members to this Template

Assign any members who routinely work on the project for which you're creating the template, or skip this optional step and assign team members at project creation instead. If there is a team member routinely responsible for this type of project, use the dropdown menu and make them the Project Owner. Click Skip if you want to assign team members later or click Assign to continue.

Step 3: Build a Task or Milestone List for this Template

This step can save so much time and effort, so we don't recommend skipping it. Enter all task details in the top section: name, description, and deadline duration, then click Add This Task to my List to lock it in. Add general tasks and then you can edit or add more project-specific tasks upon project creation. You can also click the link next to the assigned team members to add any more you may have forgotten. From the Task/Milestone list, you can drag and drop the tasks to change the order, and you can click into the task to edit or delete it, then click Back to Project Template Dashboard. This saves your template an takes you back to your Project Template Builder/Editor so you can build more templates, or click Done if you are finished

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