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What user types are available and what are their functions/permissions?

Last Updated: Mar 07, 2016 10:48AM EST
Users are typically part of the creative team, and are responsible for the creation and management of a company's creative assets. In the inMotion application, User Types are assigned to team members based on their role and responsibilities within the team.  Available Functions describe the functions available to that User Type.
1. Admin (Full Access User): Manages the inMotion account and has unrestricted access to the complete inMotion Application.  Admins perform the following functions:
  • Create and manage Users and Groups, set Proof defaults, billing settings, and account configurations.
  • Create, edit, and delete Proof and Project Templates.
  • Assign access to Proof Templates for the Vendor User Type.
  • Access to all reports on Users, Projects, and Proofs.
  • Assign Job Launch Manager functionality (requires Job Launch module).
  • Delete archived content.
  • Create, edit, and manage all Contacts (including those owned by other Users).

2. Staff (Standard User): Has access to the Project, Proof, and Contact sections of the inMotion application.  Staff Users perform the following functions:
  • Upload, manage, and archive Proofs within their assigned User Group.
  • Create, view, and edit Contacts and Review Teams within their assigned Contact Group.
  • Manage their username, password, name, and email address.
  • Enable Job Launch Submitter and Routing Manager functionality of owned Contacts.
  • Create and edit Projects, assign Team Members, assign and complete Tasks.
  • Act as Job Launch Manager.
  • Access all Workflows and Review Teams.
  • Create, copy, and edit Workflows and Review Teams.
  • Create, edit, and be a team member of projects.

3. CSR: Has viewing rights with limited actions available. CSRs perform the following functions:
  • View Proof Status and Details within their assigned User Group.
  • Renotify Reviewers for Pending Proofs within their assigned User Group.
  • View and edit Project Status and details in Projects they are assigned to.
  • Manage their username, password, name, and email address.

4.  Vendor (External Uploader): Is an external user who uploads content for review. Vendors perform the following functions:
  • Post content to a pre-defined Proof Release Template.
  • View change requests and feedback on content they uploaded.                        

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