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File Preparation Requirements

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2015 04:11PM EST

To ensure that you and your reviewers are successful viewing content online, please follow the file preparation guidelines below. These are required to provide maximum viewability, minimum download time and overall best reviewing experience.


Accepted File Formats

Listed below are the accepted file formats that can be uploaded for review. These have been established due to their flexibility in the online environment and popularity.  All other formats must be converted to one of these prior to uploading.


File Type



pdf - PDF Documents


Embed All Fonts
Flatten Layers/Transparencies
Convert to RGB
Unprotect (no passwords)
Less than 3000 pixels high/wide
Images compressed with JPEG2000 may not convert correctly.  If issues are experienced check this setting and try using JPEG.

jpg gif png - Images

.jpg | .gif | .png

Less than 3000 pixels high/wide

word powerpoint - Office Documents

.doc | .docx | .ppt | .pptx

Documents with layering may provide better results if converted to PDF first.

qt wmvflv   - Video

.mov | .avi | .flv | .wmv | .mpeg

Bitrate and length should be up to web presentation standards.
Some videos may need their audio re-encoded to 44100hz to convert properly.

flash - SWF



web - Web Capture


Must be a publicly accessible URL with no Web Form based authentication requirements or encryption (SSL)
OS/Server (BASIC) based authenticated sites can be provided a Username and Password to access the page for a screen capture.


The difference between Webform and OS/Server based authentication is that Webform uses a webpage and submit function that authenticates against a database to allow user access.  Where as the OS/Server based method creates a User on the actual Operating System where the Web Server is located and authenticates against that User.  If the Web Server (IIS, Apache, etc) has this authentication type, the web capture utility will be able to create a screen capture for uploading.  At this time we cannot accept Web Form based sites.





Accepted File Size

For the best online viewing performance a 100MB file size cap has been established.  File sizes that exceed this cap may not upload properly.  Keeping in mind that clients will be viewing these images/videos in a web environment, where performance and efficiency is of the utmost importance, we recommend optimizing your image/video to the smallest possible file size that retains the viewing quality you expect.



Image/Document File Saving Suggestions


Color: Computer monitor screens display in RGB color while printing requires CMYK. Therefore, convert your images to RGB for online viewing.
Layers: Many drawing and photo editing programs work in layers. Be sure to flatten layers. Saving to some formats requires flattening an image and converting to RGB. To save your image either select "Save as" or "Export as" from the file menu, choosing an acceptable online viewing format (such as PDF, JPG, GIF).
Resizing: In some cases it may be best to resize your uploaded file to a more appropriate viewing size and resolution. Resolution should be no more than 96 dpi. The review application is limited to 3000 pixels height and width and will not display any content outside of those dimensions.
Password Protection: Please ensure that any password/security functions are removed prior to uploading, otherwise the review application will not be able to process it for online viewing.
Vector elements: The more vector elements present in a document, the more CPU and memory resources a reviewer's browser will consume.  When possible, rasterize these types of elements to ensure your reviewer has the best experience. Some extremely complex documents (certain cad drawings, wireframes, gradients, etc) that generate more than 65000 elements cannot be converted and must be rasterized in order to be displayed in the Review Environment.

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