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Workspace Statuses

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2016 04:42PM EDT

Each project will have a status displayed on the workspace that indicates its current state during the review cycle.  Certain project actions will be enabled or disabled depending on each status. The status will change depending on a reviewer action or manual change from the project's project info page.


Workspace Status





This status indicates that the project is available for review.  Any expected reviewers will be able to access the project to perform a review.


This status indicates that the project has been accessed by the reviewer at least once.  They may be reviewing the project now, or have at least seen it and may return to complete the review.


This status indicates that the project is On Hold.  This means that the project is currently not accessible by the reviewer.  If the project is uploaded On Hold, they will not receive the email notification until released.  You can manually place the project On Hold by going to the Project Info page to prevent access if you need to update any of the details of a posted job.




This status indicates that a project has been returned and all reviewers have approved the job with no changes.  There may be comments or markups on the job, however the reviewer selected "Returned Approved" when completing their review.


This status indicates that a project has been returned and at least one reviewer has selected one of the following statuses Change and Resubmit; Contact Me; Approved with Changes within the Review Application. This is a good indication that there are markups and comments that will need to be updated for the content and possibly sent back to the reviewer as a new version by selecting the Replaceaction


This status indicates that an Account User has manually recalled the project by selecting the Retrieve action.  Any completed reviews will be able to be displayed however any uncompleted reviews will not be available displayed or accessed by

any remaining reviewers.


This status is a manually set status from the Project Information page.  It can be used to indicate that a project has been completed, but still remains active for reporting or display purposes.  You have not archived this project, so it remains in the workspace.




This status indicates that the project was posted as an opinion and has been reviewed and returned with a star rating indicating their opinion of the content.


This status indicates that the project posted had an error with it.  This could be a file issue (password protected content, unsupported file type, etc) You can attempt to upload again by choosing the Replace action or contact Support and provide the file that was causing the issue.




This status appears in the Collective Access Workspace only and is used to indicate that the contact has reviewed and returned the job and is no longer accessible in their Collective Access Workspace.




This status appears in the Collective Access and My Reviews Workspace and indicates a project that the User has already completed a review for, but is still pending others to complete before it is returned to the Project Uploader.


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