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Understanding Contacts

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2017 10:35AM EST
Contacts are a saved list of reviewers in the inMotion account. There is no limit to the number of contacts an account can have saved. To learn about how to add, edit, or delete contacts, click here

There are different permissions that can be enabled for each contact: Reviewer Forwarding, Feedback Manager, Collective Access, Routing Manager, and Job Launch Submitter. 

Reviewer Forwarding: allows the reviewer to forward proofs, as long as that option is selected in the proof's Release Options.
Feedback Manager: grants a reviewer the ability to hide or disregard other reviewer's comments and/or mark comments to be ignored.
Routing Manager: Grants 
access to a dedicated workspace to manage all proofs released to them. From this workspace, routing managers can also manage contacts (that are either shared from the main account or separate). Routing managers also control the release of content first by previewing the proof, then choosing to release it to reviewers or reject it to send it back to the proof uploader with your own markups and comments. 
Collective Access: grants he reviewer login credentials to access a dashboard view of past and pending reviews, also known as a "My Reviews" workspace.
Job Launch Submitter: allows the reviewer to submit requests based on the forms available to them.

 Review Team

Setting up Review Teams allow you to designate a group of reviewers that will need to review the proof together. The default setting is for each team member to receive the proof review notification at the same time. To control the order in which the members of the Review Team are required to access and review the proof, drag and drop the list of contacts in the order you prefer and select the sequential review option on the Review Team.  With this enabled, the first contact listed in the Review Team will receive the initial email notification to review the proof. Once they have completed their review, the second person will then receive the notification, and so on down the line until the review is complete.  



Workflows are similar to Sequential Review Teams, but with some added routing rules between tiers.  The rule setting allow you to indicate which approval statuses selected by a review tier either push the project to the next tier of reviewers or halt any progression and send back to the proof uploader for corrections.  

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