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January 2017 Release Notes

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2017 09:01AM EST

New Features


  • Submitters can now finalize requests instantaneously (optional)
  • Submitters that also manage their respective forms can now create a project directly at the form level
  • Admins now have the ability to only allow project creation from an associated request
  • Projects can now be auto-archived
  • Job Launch forms can now be duplicated directly by an account administrator
  • Job Launch attachments can now be released with the associated Job Launch (Review + Approval only)

Review + Approval

  • Measure Tool is now available for measuring asset properties by pixels, inches, and centimeters
  • If enabled by the Proof Owner, reviewers can download the files used to create the proof
  • If enabled by the Proof Owner, reviewers can print proof approvals and related conversations to PDF
  • Comments and annotations now animate into the collaboration panel and canvas, enabling true real-time collaboration without refreshing the page



  • Separated Custom Fields into its own view under Account Settings > Customize
  • Reports can now be set to display all results on a single page
  • Job Launch Save & Exit option has had its icon changed from green to yellow
  • Job Launch Save & Exit will now prompt a modal informing the requester that they are only saving and not submitting
  • Added filter to desired Project Filter Group field in the Job Launch Workspace
  • Now include desired Project Filter Group in email to Job Launch Manager
  • ASCII characters can now be used in Job Launch forms
  • Proof Deadlines can no longer be set for past dates
  • Project Lifecycle Information report now always includes all projects created from Job Launch forms
  • Project Lifecycle report has a new field: Project Members
  • Tasks report has a new field: Project Creation Date
  • General Project Information report can now include archived projects
  • Moved Proof Speed to Approval report to the Proofs category
  • The new Reviewer Status report has added the option to include/exclude archived proofs

Review + Approval

  • Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge browser compatibility
  • Help Icon enables users to review help documentation and contact Customer Success directly from the Review Environment
  • Hiding and unhiding comments will not trigger email notifications
  • Comments entered in the comment text field will no longer be lost when navigating away from the Collaboration Panel. Users will be prevented from drawing new annotations or navigating away from the asset until they choose to submit or abandon their comment
  • Reviewer approval statuses now update in real time (visible when viewing another reviewer’s contact card)
  • Updates are now available to all reviewers without the need for the user to hard refresh/ clear their browser cache
  • Not Relevant status will no longer indicate that the proof needs changes
  • Changed the color of the Not Relevant status to black
  • Approval Statuses now appear in a standardized order
  • Version Labels have been added to the Version History menu
  • Pagination Indicator & Live Links are now available in Designer/Read-Only Mode
  • Annotation Color is now indicated on the user’s profile Icon
  • Collaboration Panel now automatically scrolls to display a user’s submitted comment
  • Submit Review button is more visually distinctive

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